12 Green Rules I Live By

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Someone asked me the other day whether there were any hard and fast recycling rules I follow when out and about?  I mean at home it’s easy.  You have boxes and containers for everything to be sorted accordingly but unless prompted when passing through a fast food joint, or going out for the day do I remember to always recycle?

Well, I certainly try but it wasn’t something I consciously do.

The word ‘rule’ was quite an interesting one because I’d never thought of being green with having rules.  A few minutes online and you’ll find that the web is full of rules.  You can find so many creative examples for “how to live your life” or “cardinal rules for living” can it possibly be applied to the greener way of life that I want to achieve?

Unequivocably  – yes!

Less rules, more personal philosophy.

Everyone’s moral code and personal philosophy will be different but below are the 12 Green Rules that I live my life by.  My list is a belief and influences my behaviour daily.  I hope they encourage you to head towards a greener life:

  1. I spend at least 20 minutes outdoors every day.  Longer if I can.  But regardless of the weather, if I stand outside in the garden, go for a walk or head to work, I make sure I’m outdoors every day without fail  It’s good for my mental and physical health.
  2. I don’t eat meat.   I’m converting over to a plant-based diet.  I sometimes eat dairy, I sometimes eat fish but I never eat meat.  Too much research shows meat is neither healthy nor sustainable.  It’s also not good for the animals themselves.
  3. I don’t drink cows milk.  Because since I realised how odd it really is to consume, and the industry that comes with it I couldn’t go anywhere near it again.
  4. I never get in arguments over food/diet preferences.  Some people eat meat and some people are vegan, that’s life.  I respect people’s choices and I ask them politely to respect mine.
  5. I never ever use chemical controls (herbicides/pesticides) in my garden.
  6. I recycle everything I can that moves through my house.  Batteries, cardboard, food and clothes, to name but a few materials.
  7. I never drop litre.  If I can’t recycle it then it heads to the nearest bin.  Same for dog poop (which definitely cannot be recycled!).
  8. I  grow as much food in my urban garden, every year, as I can.  I’ll grow it organically and, where possibly, using permaculture techniques.  I’ll always help anyone else grow their own food too.
  9. I walk everywhere I can.  Public transport is my second go-to.  I’m always grateful for a car lift but I’ve consciously chosen not to learn to drive because I prefer walking.
  10. I practice slow living – multi-tasking, rushing about and pretending to listen are not good skills, in fact, they can make life much harder.  Instead, I’m practising (every day), enjoying every moment, active listening and doing one thing at a time in a meaningful manner.
  11. I am an international citizen.  I was born in the UK but I love exploring and learning about other cultures and meeting new people.  In fact nothing motivates me more that an opportunity to travel or speak to someone who comes from other places.
  12. I take responsibility for my own mental and physical health.  I work hard towards my fitness goals, I take time out to relax, and sleep is always a priority – not an add-on.

That pretty much covers me.  It’s the first time I’ve ever actually written these down so it’s been quite useful to me to see exactly what I do class as important in my life.

I was going to add ones like – my dogs are my children which they are but, like loving children, that’s a whole other world.  It’s a given, not a philosophy.

These rules make me a much happier person.  My philosophy to life makes me more productive, healthy and gives and encorouges gratitude every single day.

For most who read this you’ll dismiss them and that’s okay.  You might have your own that you are either sub-consciously living with, or maybe have posted up on a wall somewhere that you refer to every day?

It certainly got me thinking and I hope that it prompts you into thinking about rules and your personal philosophy.

Question of the day:  Want to share any rules you live by?

Until next week – have a great green week.