Thursday is Infographic Day!

I’m going to experiment with Infographics on this blog because I think they are a great tool.  Complicated data can be crafted into pieces of art (well, almost!) all on one page.  I find them useful to highlight specific areas around green issues that I may not have thought about before.
They are a way to create visually fascinating communication.  Bringing text and graphics together in a visually fascinating communication space.
It might work, it might not -we’ll see how it goes.  Just to confirm: no-one has asked me (business or otherwise) to post this.  I’m on a quest to  search out unique, interesting ones.
Let me know if you like it, in the comments below.
I’ll aim to get a new one posted every Thursday.
This week to start off, I’m posting one about recycling.  Specifically showing how much waste we get through in the UK and what we can do to reduce it – specifically, but not by any means limited to business and office areas.
I have to admit, I’d never given staples a thought when it came to waste but it just goes to show – everything counts.

The Importance of Recycling in the UK

The Importance of Recycling in the UK

Source: Slingsby

What do you think?  Useful or boring?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Until Monday, have a great green week.

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