Walking Life

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

I actually have the above quote on a tee-shirt.

I remember spotting the item of clothing in a well known outdoor camping shop and thinking: that is the best line I’ve ever heard about walking.  I say the best because the line is so true.  The problem is no-one has the time these days to walk five minutes let alone five miles and that is a real shame.

If you wanted to you could walk anywhere and (practically) everywhere.  You could walk from your house to the other side of the road, the town, the country and even the continent.

Walking is a liberating experience.  And not only that when you get your legs in gear it gives back fantastic results, like:

  • Keeps your heart healthy
  • Strengthens your bones
  • Good for weight management
  • It reduces stress
  • Gives you time to think
  • Helps to control the sugar levels in your blood (after a meal) which in turn helps prevent Type II diabetes.

From a personal perspective I’ve found walking:

  • Gives me that time to put my thoughts in order.  Some of the best ideas I’ve had have been when out for round the block walk.
  • Allows me to see things I don’t normally see locally (and further afield).  I get a real sense of my neighbourhood (good and bad of course!)
  • I get to enjoy my local area more, and not take it for granted.
  • Helps me sleep (if I’ve been out for a evening stroll)
  • Allows me the opportunity to take some photo’s of the local area/countryside
  • I can soak up some vitamin D, whatever the weather.

And we’re not even talking about major long hikes along canyons and across mountains.  A 15-minute walk, every day, can be enough to help with and all of the above.

A 15-minute walk, every day, can be enough to help with all of the above.

15-minutes isn’t much is it?  But it’s enough time for an excuse like:

I haven’t got enough time

So where do you find 15-minutes from?

Well, you could get a dog.  That’s the best ever reason for going for a walk.   If you even try and give an excuse to a dog that you’re not going out, they have the power and ability within their very soul to make you feel so guilty you’ll never miss another walk ever again.

It’s true.  One evening I said I didn’t have time to take my two out and the one proceeded to sit at the front door looking at me with these pathetic sad brown eyes.  I suddenly realised I did have the time!

Unfortunately, not everyone can or wants to own a dog (I know…very odd!), so where else could you get 15 minutes from in your life?  I was thinking about my own and came up with a few places:

Here are 10 other places to find 15-minutes of walking time:

  1. Wake up 15-minutes earlier or better yet, walk up really early.  So early, in fact, you don’t even feel bad for walking out with a bed head.
  2. Take 15-minutes out of your lunch break
  3. Park 15-minutes away from your workplace.  (Okay 7.5 minutes then if you really want to) and walk in.
  4. Take your child, neice, nephew or other small, young human that you know to the nearest park (which is usually, in urban areas only, about 15-minutes from your house).  Not to mention all the beaches, woods, and other exciting adventuring places.
  5. Next time you visit your friend/relative/date park 15-minutes away and walk the rest of the distance (just under a mile)
  6. If you use public transport, get off a couple of stops.  (Just a couple of stops makes 15-minutes around here!).
  7. After dinner, head straight out for a 15-minute, round the block walk.  Instead of the usual sit down and scroll through *insert social media app on phone*.
  8. Run out of milk?  Walk to the nearest shop (not ideal if you live in the middle of the countryside, so don’t do that).
  9. Need to post a letter? make it a purpose to walk to the nearest postbox or post office and send it off.  Don’t have any letters to post?  Write one.
  10. Watch 15-minutes less of TV (hard I know because who wants to miss the first or last bit of a programme), but you might actually find that the walking ends up being much nicer than the TV watching.  Worst case scenario – catch-up TV.

Let walking become some small part of your life and let it take you to places you’ve never seen (or seen properly) before.  It truly is a beautiful way to travel and explore.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:- What is the nicest thing you’ve ever seen while out walking?  Share in the comments below

Until next Monday “Greenies”, have a great week.