Gardening Videos

I’ve been getting quite a bit of inspiration on areas of growing plants, cultivating in small areas and different ways to grow crops entirely recently. And that has all been thanks to me stumbling around aimlessly on the web and finding some rather nice gold nuggets in the form of video blogs.  (A bit like you see on this blog, but in video form).

Why Watch Garden Videos?

There is something about actually watching someone garden or plant crops and share their experiences that you can’t always get from just reading a page.  Online video might not be the first place you turn when you’re trying to work out how and when to plant garlic, or what to do when your plants are attacked by aphids but I’ve found people sharing their actual experiences in growing and gardening can be enriching and you end up learning things you may not necessarily even thought you could.

So I thought I’d share what I’d found in the hopes it help you too.

Be careful though – this video watching can be addictive.  I’ve lost whole evenings just watching people’s gardens/yards grow and change over a series of videos.

By the way these videos won’t be showing perfect gardens, at least not in an RHS kinda sense.  I’m not really into that ‘style’ of gardening.  Instead, I tend to watch practical growing and frugal gardening.

10 Money Saving Tips by One Yard Revolution
The Urban Farmer – Curtis Stone

I follow this channel quite closely because although the rules and legislation Curtis grows with is different over the pond, I love his enthusiasm and business commitment to making food local, sustainable and delicious without ever leaving home.  He’s given me inspiration to start looking into urban farming myself.

The most productive strawberry growing setup you have ever seen!  By The Plant Charmer

This video single handily got me utterly excited to start growing strawberries again.

How to Space Your Plants When Growing in a Raised Bed Garden by Growing Your Greens

Although based in sunnier climes than mine I follow this channel closely too due the enthusiasm and great ideas with small space gardening.  I’ve set this video to start at 1.29 so you miss the boring advert selling.

Growing Potatoes in Straw by James Busvlogger

I’d not heard of straw (bale) gardening  before but this video sure got me excited about it!

and then I found an even better video on it…

Growing Potatoes in Raised Beds by James Ryan photo
New Raised Kitchen Garden by Sean’s Allotment Garden

If you want to see a British garden started off by scratch, watch this. Yes, it is advertising essentially for the raised bed company but it’s useful to see how they are built (you don’t have to use this company) and even more importantly – how they are spaced.

And finally…worms!

A Look At The Red Wiggler Worm Bin In January 2016 by the Mumbai Balcony Gardener

Who doesn’t get excited by worms these days?  It means you’ve either got great soil or you’re about to get great soil and the only difference is the colour of the worm!  If you thought you didn’t have enough room to compost then take a look at this.

So that’s all my video nuggets.  I hope you find them as useful as I have and if nothing else lead you to your own self-discovery of great gardening and food growing videos online.

Until next week.  Have a great Green week.

Question of the week:

Have you got a favourite gardening video/vlogger you watch?  If so please share below.  I’d love to see it.